· Professionalizing the activities of drivers in the State.
· Improved Driving Culture
· Reduced Road Traffic Accidents/ Crashes
· Reduction in Traffic Jams / Congestion
· Reduced Road Rage
· Improved Environmental Condition
· Improved health condition and decrease in associated hospital bills
· Increase in foreign exchange through reduced capital flight
· Improved economic growth


Mandate of the Institute
It is no gain saying that the rate and severity of road traffic crashes in Nigeria and Lagos
State has adverse effects on the economy of the State. The attendant loss of lives
properties and man-hours coupled with it’s socio-psychological effects, deserves
immediate attention of Government.
noting that 75% of road traffic crashes that results from human errors could be attributed
to the driver, the Lagos State Government being aware that many drivers did not pass
through any formal training in the Technology of driving’ and as a result, lack of adequate
knowledge of road traffic rules and regulations as well as simple requirements for vehicle
maintenance, set up the Lagos State Drivers’ Institute and equipped its five centres with
driving simulators and audio visual aids, to amongst other things.

Training, retraining and recertification of all professional drivers in the State.
Standardizing the driving profession in the State.
Registering and creating a database for professional drivers in the State.
Standardizing, registration and accreditation of private driving schools in the State
Assisting private driving schools in curriculum development and Instructors’ training.
– Provide courses of instruction, training, set standards for driving schools in the
state in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation.
– Ensure that all professional drivers in the employment of both Government and
private organizations attend the Institute for training and re-training at least once every year
towards updating their skills.
– Issue certificate of competence to drivers who have successfully completed
training in the institute.
– Provide facilities to assist registered driving schools in the state.
– Compile and maintain database of all professional drivers in Lagos state.
– Train professional drivers in driving skills
– Train professional drivers in road traffic rules and regulations
– Improve driving techniques of all categories of drivers
– Organize conferences, seminars, workshops and educational programs for
professional and non-professional drivers from time to time.
The Lagos State Drivers’ Institute Law stipulates that all professional drivers in the state are
required to undergo a two-day training and re-certification programme on a yearly basis.
The Institute also organizes structured courses for drivers to suit the demands of
organisations and establishments.