The Lagos State Drivers’ Institute was established through Law N0 13 published in
Lagos State official Gazette of July 2007.

It was established to correct mistakes of the past whereby drivers drive on the
highway without adequate training. This has led to road traffic accidents, wastage of manhours
and its attendant pressure on health facilities. The Lagos State Government decided
to retrain and recertify professional drivers and this is compulsory. The Institute will also
conduct vision test and make appropriate recommendation

To facilitate the training and re-training of motor vehicle drivers and certifying them for
safety in Lagos State.

To provide adequate training to drivers in Lagos State, with the aid of modern equipment
and audio-visuals.

Reduction of Road Traffic Accidents, congestion, road rage as a result of human

– Provide courses of instruction, training and set standards for private driving
schools in the State in collaboration with the State Ministry of Transportation.

– Ensure that all professional drivers in the employment of both private and public
sectors are trained and re-certified on yearly basis.
– Improved Road Safety Culture in Lagos State.